03:00 PM
03:45 PM

Accelerating Image Processing by 1000x using CUDA and V100 GPC

The goal of this session is to demonstrate and explain how GPU & CUDA can significantly accelerate image processing algorithms. In order to leverage the amazing power of GPU, the roofline model will be explained, demonstrating how to reduce memory bottlenecks using CUDA by increasing operation intensity(Fusion). 

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Eyal Rot, SW and Computing Architect, Applied Materials Israel
Room: Hall F/G

SIL8134 - Autonomous Machines and IoT, AI in Healthcare, Developer Tools
01:00 PM
01:45 PM

Optimizing CUDA Applications for the Volta/Turing GPU Architecture

This session will cover details of performance features released in the latest version of CUDA, new features of Turing architecture alongside a wealth of optimization techniques, and in-depth information to get the most out of the Volta/Turing GPU architecture.

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Vishal Mehta, Developer Technology, NVIDIA
Maxim Milakov, AI DevTech, NVIDIA

Room: Hall D

SIL8140 - Developer Tools
05:00 PM
05:45 PM

The Path to GPU as a Service in Kubernetes

Kubernetes modern production patterns for Deep Learning applications and a deep dive into the Kubernetes GPU subsystem and its challenges (performance, scheduling, monitoring). Autonomous vehicles, face recognition, High Performance Computing, Virtual Reality, NVIDIA GPUs are enabling a new computer era with cloud computing at its center. ....

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Adam Henryk Grzywaczweski, Solution Architect, NVIDIA
Room: Hall D

SIL8143 - Deep Learning and AI, Developer Tools