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Eyal Rot
Eyal Rot
Applied Materials Israel
SW and Computing Architect

Eyal is a senior computing and SW architect at Applied Materials Israel. Eyal leads the computing architecture for the computing solutions embedded in Applied Materials products, from single compute Node to highly distributed image processing systems. During the last year he has lead the GPU based computing in Applied Materials Israel while focusing in accelerating image processing algorithm using CUDA.

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Hall F/G
Thursday - October 18, 2018
03:00 PM
03:45 PM

Accelerating Image Processing by 1000x using CUDA and V100 GPC

The goal of this session is to demonstrate and explain how GPU & CUDA can significantly accelerate image processing algorithms. In order to leverage the amazing power of GPU, the roofline model will be explained, demonstrating how to reduce memory bottlenecks using CUDA by increasing operation intensity(Fusion). 

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Intelligent Machines, IoT & Robotics