04:00 PM
04:45 PM

AI Engine for Autonomous Shoping Carts

Tracxpoint is building the new Retail AI-Pipeline that guarantes an individual shopping experience with cashier-les on-card payment. Our system includes a unique combination of AI-Engines, IoT- & proprietary sensor fusion. We wil present our progres towards recognizing one hundred thousand individual products in under a second on a NVIDIA...

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Felix Goldberg, Chief AI Scientist, Tracxpoint LLC
Room: Hall F/G

SIL8120 - Autonomous Machines and IoT, Deep Learning and AI
05:00 PM
05:45 PM

Solving Challenges in Future Mobility Solutions Using AI

Advances in AI and machine learning present new challenges in the form of supporting and operating the future mobility solutions. We need to actually train these future mobility solutions to overcome real-world challenges and operational workflow. The industry needs to ensure the reliable functionality for the increasing automatic and future mobility solutions. ...

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Amir Hever, CEO, UVeye
David Oren, VP Business Development, UVeye

Room: Hall F/G

SIL8125 - Autonomous Machines and IoT, Deep Learning and AI
01:00 PM
01:45 PM

The Future of Robotics with NVIDIA

Artificial intelligence is the most powerful technology of our time. For robotics, it enables new levels of autonomy, giving machines the ability to perceive and navigate the world as well as seamlessly interact with people and handle objects. In this talk, we'll discuss how AI is critical to driving robotics breakthroughs and do a technical dive into NVIDIA’s Isaac robotics platform. 

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Deepu Talla, Vice President and General Manager of Autonomous Machines, NVIDIA
Room: Hall F/G

SIL8121 - Autonomous Machines and IoT
03:00 PM
03:45 PM

Accelerating Image Processing by 1000x using CUDA and V100 GPC

The goal of this session is to demonstrate and explain how GPU & CUDA can significantly accelerate image processing algorithms. In order to leverage the amazing power of GPU, the roofline model will be explained, demonstrating how to reduce memory bottlenecks using CUDA by increasing operation intensity(Fusion). 

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Eyal Rot, SW and Computing Architect, Applied Materials Israel
Room: Hall F/G

SIL8134 - Autonomous Machines and IoT, AI in Healthcare, Developer Tools
02:00 PM
02:45 PM

How to Design a Practical Real-Time AI Robotics Application using GPUs

Attend this session to hear experts provide guidelines on how to maximize GPU performance for fast prototyping, designing, training, and testing of AI robotics applications. ....

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Yaniv Maor, Founder, CEO, Tevel Aerobotics Technologies
Room: Hall F/G

SIL8112 - Autonomous Machines and IoT, Deep Learning and AI