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Boris Ginsburg
Boris Ginsburg
Deep Learning Principal Engineer

Boris Ginsburg is a principal engineer working on deep learning algorithms at NVIDIA, which he joined in 2015. For last five years, Boris has worked on distributed deep learning algorithms and hardware accelerators for deep learning. Before that, he worked on hardware accelerators for machine learning, computer vision, and speech recognition; CPU architecture; and wireless networking. He has 60 issued patents and 15 patents applications in the area of CPU, GPGPU, and wireless networking. Boris earned his a Ph.D. in applied math (non-smooth optimization) from Technion in 1997.

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Hall H
Thursday - October 18, 2018
04:30 PM
04:55 PM

OpenSeq2Seq: A Deep learning Toolkit for Speech Recognition, Speech Synthesis, and NLP

OpenSeq2Seq is an open-source, TensorFlow-based toolkit, which supports a wide range of off-the-shelf models for Natural Language Translation (GNMT, Transformer, ConvS2S), Speech Recognition (Wave2Letter, DeepSpeech2), Speech Synthesis (Tacotron 2), Language Modeling and transfer learning for NLP tasks. OpenSeq2Seq is optimized for latest GPUs. It supports multi-GPU and mixed-precision training. Benchmarks on machine translation and speech recognition tasks show that models built using OpenSeq2Seq give state-of-the-art performance at 1.5-3x faster training time.

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