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Ariel Keselman
Ariel Keselman
Chief Architect

Ariel Keselman received his PhD in Physics from the Technion. He's been doing high performance computing, numerical analysis, and simulations for 15 years. He is now chief-architect at Imagry, developing a vision-based autonomous car.

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Hall B
Thursday - October 18, 2018
05:00 PM
05:45 PM

Reinforcement Learning with A* and a Deep Heuristic

Inspired by the recent achievements of methods which combine trees and DNNs (e.g. AlphaZero), this study demonstrates how to effectively combine AI with a deep heuristic represented by a DNN. AI is a highly popular and successful path-planning algorithm, but it's usability is limited to only those domains where a good heuristic is known. This new algorithm, which we call Aleph-0, enables us to replicate the success of AI in new domains, including that of autonomous vehicles.

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Autonomous Vehicle Technologies